• I'm ordering to Brazil. Where do I provide my CPF number?


    What is a CPF number and why do I need to provide one?

    A CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) number is your personal Brazilian tax identification number. You need to provide one in your order details as it’s checked at customs for all orders shipped to Brazil.

    If your order does not contain your CPF number, it may be rejected by shipping carriers or be stuck at customs.


    How do I share my CPF number with you?

    Please provide your CPF number in the ‘Order Notes’ section at checkout.




    I missed putting my CPF in my order. How can I share it now?

    If your order doesn’t contain a CPF, we’ll put your order on hold to avoid it getting stuck during delivery.

    Please send us your CPF using our Contact Form. Please select 'Rebellion Shop' and then 'Order Enquiry' in the available options and fill out the Order ID box. We will then amend your order and add your CPF.

    Once your order is updated with your CPF, we’ll remove the hold and fulfil your order.

    Please contact us with your CPF number within 30 days. Any orders that are on hold for more than 30 days will be cancelled and refunded.


  • What are your Christmas delivery dates for 2022?

    We strongly recommend that customers place orders well within these dates to ensure delivery before Christmas. We dispatch from facilities across the globe and aim to fulfil orders from sites as close to the delivery address as possible.


    Deliveries to UK

    Sunday 18th December 2022


    Deliveries to Europe

    Wednesday 14th December 2022


    Deliveries to USA

    Monday 12th December 2022


    Deliveries to Rest of World

    Tuesday 29th November 2022


    **Please note that these dates do not represent a guaranteed Christmas delivery however, they are intended to accommodate current global shipping times and we have no reason to believe orders will not arrive on time if placed within them.**

  • Why is my order in multiple packages?

    Some of our products are fulfilled by different suppliers and therefore, sometimes you may receive your order in multiple parts. The packing slip inside the your parcel will show if you should be expecting any further deliveries.

  • I pre-ordered a item. When will I receive it?

    Physical pre-ordered items are sometimes dispatched before public release. In very rare cases, due to stock not being received, they will be dispatched on release date.

    If you have pre-ordered a Steam key, this are distributed the week of the game's launch. 

    Please note that payment for pre-order items is taken at point of purchase.

  • Do I need to pay customs fees?

    The short answer to this is yes!

    Some products shipped from the UK to other countries may incur customs duties or import taxes. These additional taxes, duties and/or fees are outside of our control and the responsibility to settle them is with the customer.

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