• I want to report someone for cheating, harassment or other Code of Conduct violation

    We are sorry to hear you have encountered bad behaviour. Rebellion takes a zero tolerance policy to violations of our Code of Conduct in our spaces.


    How do I report someone in-game?

    1. Select the player you wish to support in the Lobby Menu

    2. Select 'Report'

    3. Complete the report form

    4. Select Submit Report

    You will then get the option to block the player.




    I have evidence to submit. How do I report someone here on the Help Centre?

    First, please report the person in question in-game following the instructions above. Then please copy and paste this form into our Contact Form and complete it:


    - My Username


    - My Platform


    - Username of Offender


    - Platform of Offender if possible


    - Timestamp - i.e. July 25th at 5:36pm BST


    - Explanation of Code of Code Violation - i.e. Was using wall hacking and aimbot.


    - Video Evidence  - Please upload below (10 MB max) or link. Screenshots of chat logs are also accepted in cases of bullying, harassment or discrimination.


    Any Additional Information or Context


    To open the Contact Form and submit your report, please click here.


    We take all reports seriously and, with proper verification of violation(s), will take action.

    Please note all sanctions are final and we cannot comment on ongoing or closed investigations.



  • My game closes without an error, or I'm seeing an Easy-Anti Cheat error

    If your game is closing in multiplayer or you're seeing an Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) error message, there could be a few different causes. Crash dump files and log files can help us identify what is happening.


    What information is in a log file (.log)?

    Log files contain information about the programs running, why they have experienced difficulties and why they may close.

    The vast majority of the time we will ask you to submit files specific to Sniper Elite 5 but occasionally we might ask you to submit log files from related programs. This is to determine if something else perhaps caused any incidents.

    The files are only examined to establish the cause of issues and are deleted from our systems once your case is closed.


    How do I find my all of my Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) log files?

    1. Press the Windows Key and the key simultaneously. This will open the 'Run' program.

    2. From here, type the following:



    3. Press OK. This should take you to the location for all the log files on your computer.

    4. In this folder, you should see two folders and two Text documents. These Text documents are your Service and AntiCheatLauncher logs.


    5. Please open a separate File Explorer window and copy these files to an accessible place on your PC (e.g. your Desktop).

    6. Please return then to the folder with your log files, and open the folder with a long string of numbers and letters (i.e. ea05d77bb45042edb08f797ae7bec1b1).

    7. In the folder, you should find a file called loader. Please copy it to the accessible place on your PC.



    8. Now you have the logs we need! Please create a request using our Contact Form and provide the three files in the 'Attachments' box; or if you have an existing case with us, please attach them in a reply to your Support email!


    Having trouble or not seeing what you were expecting? Please let us know by submitting a request via our Contact Form or, if you have an existing case with us, by replying to your Support email. We'll do our best to help!


  • What are dedicated servers and why can't I see them?

    What are dedicated servers?

    Dedicated servers are multiplayer game sessions hosted by Rebellion. 

    These dedicated servers are indented to help combat some of the challenges of peer-to-peer hosting like hosts quitting early or game connection issues.

    Access to the dedicated servers is available via the Custom Games screen only, where you’ll find a new column to help players clearly identify which servers are ours. The server names are listed below:

    Servers based in the EU regions:

    • Blue Viper
    • Kraken
    • Chevalier
    • Jaeger
    • Neptune

    Servers based in the US regions:

    • Fairburne
    • Ghost
    • Cobra
    • Detroit
    • Overlord


    How can I see the dedicated servers?

    Available dedicated servers will appear automatically in the Custom Games screen. If you can't see them, it is likely they are currently full.

    To enable seeing full servers, you must toggle the Include Full Games filter in the Game Filters menu in the bottom right of the custom games browser.



    Then toggle the Include Full Games setting to ON. It should look like this:



    After enabling this, you should then see - Include Full Games under your Filters Active in the custom games browser.



    Having trouble or not seeing what you were expecting? Please let us know by using our Contact Form. We'll do our best to help!

  • How does auto-save work?

    What is auto-save?

    Auto-save automatically saves your game as you make progress.


    Is auto-save saving my game all the time?

    Auto-save will save periodically as you play. When it is saving, a icon of a stacking bullets will appear in the bottom left of the screen.

    It looks like this:



    When will it not save?

    Auto-save will not save in these circumstances:

    • Your health is below 20
    • You have taken damage in the last 5 seconds
    • The Axis have been triggered - e.g. they can see you or you are in combat
  • How do I enable Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) on Steam?


    What is Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC)?

    Easy Anti-Cheat is a cheat protection program used in Sniper Elite 5 to detect, and take action against cheaters.


    How do I enable EAC?

    1. Open Sniper Elite 5 in Steam

    2. In the game launcher, click on the cog SE5CogLauncher.png symbol.

    3. Select the tick box next to Play with Easy Anti-Cheat.

    4. Click OK. This will close the window.

    5. Click the PLAY button in the launcher. 

    6. You will then be prompted to install Easy Anti-Cheat. Please click Yes.

    After you have done this, Easy Anti-Cheat will be installed onto your system. Sniper Elite 5 will launch after the instillation is completed.




    If you still experience launch problems with Sniper Elite 5 after enabling and installing Easy Anti-Cheat, please contact Support with your DxDiag.txt file, and any crash reports related to launching the game.

  • What is a season pass and what is included in Sniper Elite 5's season passes?

    What is a season pass?

    A season pass is a purchasable item that entitles you to all of the current and future DLC released within a season (usually a period of a few months) for a cheaper price than purchasing the content separately.

    When you purchase a season pass, you immediately receive any content from that season that has already been released and then receive any future content when it is launched.



    If Season Pass X is released on 4th July and you purchase it on 4th August, you will get:

    All of the DLC that was released between 4th July and 4th August


    Any remaining season pass DLC when it is released.


    What is included in Sniper Elite 5's Season Pass Two?

    Season Pass Two is currently in progress. If you purchase this season pass, you will immediately receive:

    Rough Landing Mission & Weapon Pack

    • Rough Landing Mission
    • Moisin-Nagant Rifle Pack
    • Sjogren Shotgun Pack

    Death From Above Weapon & Skin Pack

    • Penderson Rifle Pack
    • British Dazzle Skin
    • British Bomber Skin
    • Air Auxiliary Skin

    Saboteur Weapon & Skin Pack

    • Tera Rifle Pack
    • Grease Gun Pack
    • Liberator Skin Pack


    When it is released, you will also receive:

    A Mission, Weapon & Skin Pack

    • A Campaign Mission
    • Weapon Pack
    • Weapon Skins
    • Character Skins




    What is included in Sniper Elite 5's Season Pass One?

    All of Season Pass One's content has now been launched. If you purchase this season pass, you will immediately receive:

    Landing Force Mission & Weapon Pack

    • Landing Force Mission
    • D.L. Carbine Rifle Pack
    • PPSH SMG Pack

    Concealed Target Weapon & Skin Pack

    • HS .22 Pistol Pack
    • Pea Dot Camo Skin
    • Ghillie Suit Elite (Male & Female)

    Up Close & Personal Weapon Pack

    • Win & Co 1885 Rifle
    • Erma .36 SMG
    • Tank Top Skins (Male & Female)

    Conqueror Mission, Weapon & Skin Pack

    • Conqueror Mission
    • Drilling Shotgun
    • Oak Leaf Paint Skin




  • What is Invasion Mode and can I turn it off?

    What is Invasion Mode?

    Invasion mode is a brand new style of gameplay in Sniper Elite 5 that allows you to 'invade' another player's game as an Axis Sniper, or be 'invaded' as an Allied Sniper.

    The invading Axis Sniper has the sole aim to eliminate the player while the Allied Sniper gains an extra objective: take out the invader.

    It is available in co-operative play - increasing the challenge for the Axis invader as they now have two Allies to track down, but offering greater rewards.


    Can I turn it off?

    Yes, it is possible to turn it off if you would prefer a solo experience!


    How do I turn it off?

    1. Select 'Options'

    2. Follow the list down to 'Invasion Mode' and select 'OFF' from the right-hand options



  • Where can I find my save files?

    Steam users can find their saves in C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME HERE]\AppData\Local\Sniper Elite 5\PC_ProfileSaves


    What save should I send?

    In your PC_ProfileSaves folder, you should find a folder with a filename full of numbers (this is your Steam ID): you can find your saves here!

    You should have a few files with the form "slotX". Each of these is a save file but they contain different types of data:

    • slot0 is the profile
    • slot1 is the profile backup
    • slot3-5 are campaign auto saves
    • slot6-29 are campaign manual saves
    • slot30 is a campaign quick save

    Please send us your Slot0 and either a campaign autosave or manual save! 

  • What accessibility features are in the game?

    Bellow is a list of features we have included to help the accessibility of playing Sniper Elite 5.

    All images have been taken from a working copy of the game and may change on full release. Images can be expanded by clicking on them.

    Audio Accessibility Features


    Customisable Audio levels – including Dialogue, Hit Feedback, Enemy Awareness Cues.

    Dynamic Audio Range settings.
    Spatial Audio allows you to hear the direction of sounds.
    SE5 is fully voice acted. Subtitles for all dialogue and enabled by default, with Speaker Indicators. mceclip1.jpg
    No information is communicated through audio alone.
    Both Text Chat and Voice Chat are available.
    All quick chat communication has voice over and subtitles mceclip4.png


    Motor Accessibility Features


    Full control remapping on Keyboard.


    3 Gamepad Control Presets each with a Left-Handed Variant (swap sticks). some examples shown to right


    Invert Y axis.


    Sensitivity settings for Look, Scope and Ironsights.

    Aim Assist is found in the accessibility menu.


    No Quick Time Events


    Visual Accessibility Features


    Customisable Subtitles (Text Colour, Background Opacity and Text Size).


    Some Scalable Text in HUD and Menus.


    Colour Adjustments for Colourblind Players






    Usability Accessibility Features


    5 Difficulty settings: Civilian (Very Easy), Cadet (Easy), Sharpshooter (Medium), Sniper Elite (Hard), and Authentic.


    Advanced Options to individually customize the Difficulty of Combat, Sniping and Tactical game mechanics. 


    Difficulty is customisable at any time.


    On-Demand Tutorials and options to adjust frequency or reset tutorials.



    Options to turn off Motion Blur and Binocular Distortion.

    First Time Set Up menu including Accessibility options.

    Options to turn off Kill Cameras and X-Rays.

  • Where can I get regular updates on Sniper Elite and how do I join the community?


    Where can I get regular updates on Sniper Elite?

    The best places to get updates on Sniper Elite are our social spaces. You can find us on:

    Twitter: @SniperElite

    Facebook: facebook.com/sniperelitegame

    Instagram: @snipereliteofficial

    YouTube: @SniperEliteOfficial

    Twitch: @Rebellion_Official

    Discord: discord.gg/rebellion

    Reddit: r/sniperelite

    Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/1029690 


    How do I join the community and meet other players?

    If you play Sniper Elite, you're already part of the community! If you're looking to meet other snipers to play and discuss all things Sniper Elite, we specifically recommend:

    Discord: discord.gg/rebellion

    Twitch: @Rebellion_Official

    Reddit: r/sniperelite

    Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/1029690 


    Want to keep up with all Rebellion related news?

    You can find us in these places too!

    Twitter: @Rebellion

    Facebook: facebook.com/rebelliondevelopments

    YouTube: @RebellionGamesStudio

    Twitch: @Rebellion_Official

    Discord: discord.gg/rebellion

    TikTok: @rebelliondevelopments

    Instagram: @rebelliondevelopments


  • What is included in the different editions of the game?

    Sniper Elite 5: Standard Edition

    This edition offers the base game only.


    Sniper Elite 5: Deluxe Edition

    This edition includes the base game and the Season Pass.

  • Is the game available in my language?

    The game is available in the following languages:


    Language Audio Interface Subtitles


    Brazilian Portuguese  
    Chinese (Simplified)  
    Chinese (Traditional)  


  • How do I get involved in the Community Event?

    It's kill or be killed in our first ever Sniper Elite 5 Live Event. Think you've got what it takes to join us on the battlefield?


    Track the event here: https://sniperelite.com/marksman-event/ 


    Lock and load for Sniper Elite 5’s debut Community Event where we’ll be putting your skills to the test on the frontlines from Monday 11 July, 3pm BST to Monday 25th July, 3pm BST


    How It Works

    Simply play as you normally would to contribute to the three targets we’ve challenged you with – if you complete all 3 targets within the two week deadline, the Community will collectively unlock exclusive in-game rewards and more!

    Unlike our previous Evil Genius 2 Community Events, this event operates on a point-based system. We’ll reward each of you a set number of points depending on the type of kill you achieve – that’s right, we won’t reward you for just any old kill! This will require patience, precision and above all else, the collaborative efforts of the Sniper Elite community.

    Keep an eye on this webpage to keep track of how you’re progressing as a Community, that way you can shift your focus based on which of our three targets needs attention.


    The Targets

    Invasion Kills - 25 million points

    Unlocks P.K Berlin Axis scope for RSC 1918, G43 and Kar98k

    Get AI kills in the standard campaign to contribute to this objective or embrace Invasion Mode to unlock max points for taking out your Axis opponent:

    • Invading Player Kills - 125 Points
    • Allied Player Kills - 50 Points
    • AI Killsx10 - 1 Points


    Sniper Kills - 130 million points

    M81 Ally scope for M1 Carbine and SREM

    Put your talent to the test with this objective. Achieve headshot kills across any game mode to earn points - the longer the shot, the more points you will receive.

    • Headshot Kills Achieved: (1 point for every 10 metres)


    Sharpshooter Kills - 25 million points

    25% Discount on Sniper Elite Merchandise from our official Rebellion store.

    A sniper's work is solitary, silent and precise. Take out opponents in any game mode to contribute points to this objective. Hit specific body parts to achieve extra points...the testicle shot reigns supreme.

    • Testicle Shot - 15 points
    • Heart Shot – 5 points
    • Any other organ shot x10 – 1 point


    The Rewards

    If the Community successfully hit the three targets we’ve set in two weeks, you will unlock the P.K Berlin axis Scope, available on the RSC 1918, G43 and Kar98k, as well as the M81 ally scope, which will be available on the M1 Carbine and SREM. These will be accessible to every player on Tuesday 26 July.

    Not only that, but you’ll also unlock a 25% Discount on Sniper Elite Merchandise for a limited time via our official Rebellion store.


    Joining Fellow Comrades

    Don’t forget to tag us in any and all progress reports, photo mode snaps or beyond via our usual social channels. You can also connect with fellow Snipers to share all the latest tips and tricks to succeed via our official Discord server.


    Good Luck!

    That concludes our mission briefing snipers… so prepare your gear, perfect your long-shots and be ready for deployment at 3pm BST on Monday 11 July. The battlefield waits for no one!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I participate in this event?

    We’ve set all Sniper Elite 5 players 3 x targets to complete in-game, so simply play as you normally would to participate! Keep an eye on your collaborative progress over the 2 weeks via this webpage.


    Q: Is the event applicable to all platforms?

    Yes – this live event is available to anyone who owns Sniper Elite 5.


    Q: How does the points system work?

    Simply kill your opponents using any of the specified methods above (e.g. headshots at a distance, testicle shots or invading player kills) to contribute points to the 3 x objective trackers. If the Community collectively hit the targets set, they will unlock the M81 Scope, the P.K Berlin Scope and a 25% Discount on Sniper Elite Merchandise.


    Q: When does the event end?

    We’ll be tracking your efforts from Monday 11th July – Monday 25th July 2022 and prizes will be distributed on Tuesday 26th July should the Community hit the specified targets.


    Q: Do I need to start a new save to begin contributing to the objectives?

    No. You can start participating at any time in existing or new saves.


    Q: Which weapons will I be able attach the scopes to?

    The P.K Berlin scope will be available on the RSC 1918, G43 and Kar98k whilst the M81 scope will be available on the M1 Carbine and SREM.


    Q: Which modes to these objectives apply to?

    You can contribute to the above Sniper or Marksman target trackers during any game mode. To contribute points to the Invasion Kills tracker, you’ll need to obtain AI kills in the standard campaign or via Invasion Mode where you can obtain points for Invading Player kills or Allied player kills.


    Q: How do I find fellow troops to play with?

    Join our Discord server to join your comrades, share tips and tricks and revel in the glory of your success.


    Q: I've encountered a bug. How do I report it?

    If you’re experiencing a bug in-game, please follow these steps and submit a Support request. Please note that our Support team are currently dealing with thousands of enquiries so we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you for letting us know that you are experiencing issues!


    Q: I don’t have Sniper Elite 5. How do I get hold of it so I can participate?

    Sniper Elite 5 is available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5, Steam and  the Windows Store. Head over to the Buy Now section of our website to learn more and get your copy.


    Need further support for the event or have a question we haven't answered? Please get in touch with one of Community Managers via Discord!


  • Where can I listen to the soundtrack?

    Thank you for your interest in listening to the Sniper Elite 5 soundtrack!


    You can find this soundtrack and many other well-loved Rebellion music on all good streaming services including Spotify!

    For soundtrack announcement news, please follow us at @Rebellion on Twitter.

  • Does the game have cross-play?


    What is cross-play?

    Cross-play, or cross-platform play, allows players using different gaming platforms (i.e. PC and consoles) to play together.


    Is cross-play available in Sniper Elite?

    Yes, cross-play is supported across all platforms for Sniper Elite 5.


    Can I turn it off?

    Yes, cross-play can be toggled on and off as you wish.


    How do I turn it off?

    1. Select 'Options'

    2. Follow the list down to 'Cross-play Allowed' and select 'OFF' from the right-hand options

    3. Read the dialog box and select 'YES'




  • Which platforms is the game available on?

    Sniper Elite 5 is available on Steam, Windows Store, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PlayStation 4 and 5.

    There are no concrete plans for a Switch version of Sniper Elite 5 at this point in time.

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