• I can't launch the game from Windows/Xbox Game app!

    We are aware and investigating an issue where players are unable to launch the game from the Windows/Xbox Game applications. 

    Please make sure your version of Windows is up to date, the Windows/Xbox Game app is up to date, and please make sure you are signed in to the correct account. 

    Then, please try forcing your Sniper Elite 5 installation to update.

    Additionally please see the following potential solutions: 

    • Create a Desktop Icon, right click and run as administrator 
    • Please log out of the Xbox app, and log back in.
    • Uninstall the game, check for Windows, and Xbox app updates then re-install the game. 
    • Verify your installation location. This can be done though your app by doing the following: 

    Verify and repair your game files in the Xbox App:

    1. Open the options menu in your Xbox App and click "Manage"



    2. From here you will see this menu, please click "FILES"




    3. From FILES Please click "VERIFY AND REPAIR"




    4. Once you have selected VERIFY AND REPAIR you will be given a warning box. Please accept. You may find your files are being relocated to a different installation destination.




    Still having trouble? Send us a request through our Contact Form and attach a DxDiag file.


  • I've found a bug. How should I report it?

    We are grateful for every report! 
    If you are having trouble launching a level or your game on PC, please see our help for users on Steam or Xbox PC App.

    Sniper Elite 5 Bug Reporting ESSENTIALS: 

    1. Which platform are you using?

    Please let us know using the options on the contact form!

    2. What happened?

    Please give us as much detail as possible - and send us photos, screenshots or a video if you can!

    3. Where did it happen?

    Info about which mission/map you are on is really important! A screenshot of the map screen is great for this!

    4. What were you doing before it happened?

    Did you just complete an objective or interact with an object? Every detail can help!

    5. Can you send a save file? (Steam players only!)

    To find your saves, follow the instructions here

    6. Anything else you think is relevant?

    Even things you think are small or "normal" can be important!


    Submit your bug report here: Submit a request

  • How do I verify my game files on Steam?

    What does it mean to 'verify' my game files, and why should I do it?

    When you 'verify' your game files, Steam checks to make sure that the game has all the files that it needs, and replaces any that are missing.

    If your game is glitching, running strangely, or not launching, it may be that it is missing a file or multiple files. Verifying your files establishes if this is the case, and replaces the files if it is.


    How do I verify my files?

    This guide demonstrates from beginning to end how to verify your game files on Steam. 

    We recommend you do this with your anti-virus software temporarily disabled. This is to ensure that your anti-virus does not prevent files from installing by mistaking them as illegitimate or malicious. For more details on why we ask this, please visit: https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/5F3D-1477-AFF9-C4F3


    1. Open your Game Library on Steam

    2. Right-click on Sniper Elite 5

    3. Select Properties from the menu

    4. In the Properties menu, select 'Local Files' from the left-hand panel

    5. On the Local Files page, select 'Verify integrity of game files'

    6. Steam will then verify your files. Please note this can take a few minutes!




    7. Once Steam is finished, a box like this will appear. If your game is all fine, it will appear like this:




    If you have any trouble with completing these steps or encounter any errors, please get in touch via our Contact Form.


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