• Patch Notes
    25th October
    New Content
    • Added FREE ‘Kraken's Lair’ Survival map
    • Support for NEW ‘Up Close & Personal’ Weapon & Skin pack
    • Players are now able to join a Host via the in-game friends list.
    • The Thousand Metre Stare Medal now unlocks correctly when the player hits the 1000m target in the Shooting Range.
    • Festung Guernsey - Mirus Construction - Player character no longer falls out of bounds after jumping over a wall present near the construction site.
    • Trident Beachhead - Beach Ruins - Black texture can no longer be seen near the Tank
    • Axis Invasion – If the invader is killed by a moving friendly vehicle, the correct reason for their death is now observed.
    • Free-For-All - 'Restart' button is no longer greyed out on the accomplishments screen.
    • Character Customisation - German Scientists coat no longer clips through the red armband when in multiplayer skins menu.
    • EAC - 'The connection to the game has been terminated (12050)' error should no longer be observed.
    • Picking up enemy dead bodies now works as expected.
    • Karl no longer does a seal animation glitch when using pistol.
    • General bug fixes and stability improvements.


    13th September
    We’ve been busy working on improving your Sniper Elite 5 experience. In addition to the Amongst the Rubble Survival Map and the Concealed Target pack, our new update has addressed several issues and finessed some features and gameplay to enhance your overall experience.

    To highlight a few key changes, you’ll now notice the Game Update information will be displayed to you in game letting you know about new content and patches!

    Ask and ye shall receive – Map Voting has come to Sniper Elite 5. You can now vote for the map you’d most like to play in the forthcoming match. And over in the Shooting Range, we’ve now added callouts so you can better practice those testicle shots!

    We’ve also rolled out Prestige Mode! This mode allows players to restart their progression multiple times, earning new and improved rewards. The option to trigger Prestige Mode is available in the Service Record once you have reached level 50 in adversarial multiplayer modes.

    We appreciate your continued support and feedback. We’d like to extend our gratitude to the members of our community who’ve been an integral part of bug fixing – sending in reports, save files, and such!

    Please keep them coming as they assist in improving your Sniper Elite 5 experience!

    - Sniper Elite 5 Development Team

    New Content and Improvements
    • Added FREE ‘Amongst the Rubble’ Survival map
    • Support for NEW ‘Concealed Target’ Weapon & Skin pack
    • Added Prestige Mode allowing players to restart their progression multiple times
    • Added support for highly requested Map Voting in Quick Match multiplayer lobbies
    • Added Shot Callout functionality in the Firing Range
    • Added ‘Game Update’ functionality to highlight new content and DLC
    • Updated the Axis Invasion rematch messaging to be clearer if the invader declines a rematch
    • When playing Invasion Mode players will no longer be able to leave the game during Kill Cam to avoid the kill being attributed


    • Fix to a ledge in Secret Weapons that players could climb down but not back up
    • Fixed an issue where special ammo types were disappearing after saving game and reloading
    • Resolved an issue where players could get stuck on a ladder in No Cross
    • Fixed a set of stairs in Secret Weapons that some players found hard to climb
    • In Spy Academy we have fixed an issue where players could fall through a wall and under the game map
    • Fixed Satchel charge which was not unlocking after completing campaign
    • Resolved issues caused by having Satchel Charges in Equipment slot one
    • Fixed a known issue with Exfiltration from Liberation
    • Replaced incorrect German translation of 'stealth' on Mission Summary screen
    • The P.K Berlin scope was displayed the wrong way round on rifles. This has been fixed
    • Resolved collision issues which were allowing players to breach the fence when playing No Cross on Flooded Village
    • Fix for Multiplayer D.L. Carbine Kills within the weapon's audible range being recorded as a negative value rather than a positive. This fix will kick in the next time a kill within audible range is recorded, and no progress towards the associated Extended Suppressor Barrel unlock will be lost
    • In Survival Mode an issue where weapons dropped on raised surfaces could not always be picked up again has been fixed
    • Fixed issue of players falling through the map on Atlantic Wall
    • Instances of Karl picking up a weapon and appearing empty handed have been resolved
    • Fixed a rare issue where SMG Kill Cam would display incorrectly
    • Resolved an issue where players can fall through the map below the bridge on Spy Academy
    • Fixed a multiplayer bug where players with Toughened Skill respawn with only four health bars
    • Replaced a missing zip line on War Factory
    Fixes to Landing Force
    • Fixed an issue where Schmidt can fall through the map when killed leaving players unable to get the scuttle codes
    • Players can no longer get stuck in lift shaft
    • Fixed the radio tower animation when a player invades the game after the tower has been destroyed
    • Resolved an issue where players can fall through the map
    • Removed incorrectly placed Alarm button board
    • Fixed various collision and texture issues
    • Fixed grammatical and spelling errors


    8th August 2022 - Hotfix
    Hi folks,

    I’m the designer working on Invasion Mode, and I wanted to quickly address some of the community feedback we’ve seen crop up since the last patch.

    Firstly, we apologise that the patch notes didn’t include a detailed list of the changes we made to Invasion Mode. This was a mistake on our part and something we’d like to rectify now. The balancing changes we implemented were as follows:

    • We removed the Invader’s access to special ammo. This is because a few of the special ammo types were very powerful, and there were certain scenarios we wanted to avoid for the players who were the target of them, such as new players being shot through walls without understanding what was happening, and so on.
    • We prevented players from quitting during bullet cams, to avoid sneakily leaving and denying you your justified kill!
    • A few small bug fixes and tweaks to the UI, none of which should affect the balance.

    I’ve seen a lot of feedback from players who believe we’re balancing the game too hard in favour of the Allied player, and we understand those concerns. From the perspective of an Invader, our balancing patches look as if we’re just taking tools away from you, while the players you invade still have their full suite of abilities. However, we have a stat system that we use to track Invasion data, and that’s currently reporting that the Invader wins nearly 70% of the time! As such, the reason we’re making these choices is because across the whole game, across all ability levels, the Invader is actually winning a lot, and we’re trying to find a better balance.

    One thing that we think might be affecting the win rate is Focus Mode – an incredibly powerful tool for the invaded player that many casual players don’t seem to know about (If you’re reading this and don’t use Focus much, give it a try next time you get Invaded!) Our next patch will include more tutorials about this, so perhaps that will throw things back in Karl’s favour!

    With all that being said, we’re going to keep proactively monitoring the win rate moving forward to see how it shifts and changes as a result of the latest patch. I’m very grateful to see all the positive comments about invasion since release, and for the suggestions and feedback people have made when they think something could be improved.

    Good luck out there Snipers!

    Speak soon,
    Sniper Elite 5 Development Team
    • Fixed a crash with perk selection.
    • Fixed an occasional crash with rendering explosive/interactable object flashes.
    • Fixed a memory leak when loading levels repeatedly (Xbox only).
    • Fixed occasional crash where a wounded AI could attempt to rescue (and pick up) themselves.

    26th July 2022
    New Content and Improvements
    • Added free 'Flooded Village' multiplayer map
    • Added a 'Shooting Range'
    • Invite your friends to join as Invaders using the social menu
    • Added support for 'Kick Voting'
    • Mark as "Ready" to start sooner
    • Added Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack (included as part of Season Pass One or available standalone)


    • Fixed a bug that caused multiple pieces of TNT to be thrown instead of one
    • Blocked a gap that allowed players to cross the barrier in the No-Cross map 'Urban Ruins'
    • The 'Leather Hood' attachment for the Karabiner 98 now unlocks correctly in Multiplayer
    • The 'Reinforced Band' attachment for the Karabiner 98 now unlock correctly In Multiplayer. For those of you that have already achieved the stated 50 kills, you will need to get one more to trigger the unlock
    • Fixed an issue in Atlantic Wall that caused problems to players climbing the vines on the side of Marcel's house
    • Players can now re-bind the 'W' and 'S' keys, and the 'Fire' and 'aim' Actions on keyboard.
    • The 'No Stone Unturned' Achievement now unlock correctly
    • Issues engaging with Hitler on Wolf Mountain have now been resolved
    • Fixed a bug that caused issues with Ehrlich in War Factory's Kill List objective
    • Resolved an issue where players were unable to exfiltrate from the Spy Academy mission
    • Med kits should now work as normal
    • Reworked the 'New Campaign' difficulty menu to be more intuitive.
    • Improved the behaviour of the 'weapon wheel' menu when using the Steam Controller.
    • Input icons now show correctly for Steam, Nintendo Pro, Xbox and PlayStation Controllers.
    30th June 2022
    The Sniper Elite 5 development team is working hard to improve the game and headshot as many of those pesky bugs as possible. As always, we’ve been keeping a close eye on your feedback, with the Community team making sure nothing gets missed.

    It’s been great to see how many of you have really got into playing Invasion Mode. Watching videos and reading stories of the awesome cat and mouse sniper showdowns people have been experiencing has made all the hard work worthwhile. As a result of the ongoing Community feedback we’ve received, we’ve made various improvements and fixes to Invasion Mode. We’ve done some balancing to make the Invader a little less powerful, have reduced them down to 1 grenade and 1 landmine, and have swapped out some of their skills. The ambition is to keep proactively balancing Invasion Mode moving forward as the way people play changes over time – but for now, the Invader will have to work a little bit harder for their kills!
    We’ve also removed the bonus XP for simply playing with invasions on and have fixed a reported bug by which players could be invaded immediately after another invasion ended. We always intended to allow time between invasions and as a result of this update you’ll likely find you’re being invaded less regularly, especially on the first few levels. (If you want to be invaded as much as possible, either play later levels or use the re-matching system).

    Additionally we have removed the ability for hosts to kick invaders from the game and we’ve re-balanced the anti-AFK timer. Allied players will never get killed or kicked for camping and will have a bit more time before the timer starts. Invaders can now pass through Axis AI, meaning you’ll no longer get blocked at doorways or narrow paths. You now also don’t have to worry about your Allied character talking too much as Invaders can no longer hear the Allied player talking to themselves. You might have noticed that you will see a normal HUD even if you invade a game in Authentic mode – this was to make things a bit easier for less experienced Invaders. There’s now a setting in the Options menu that disables that, so if you invade a game in Authentic, you won’t have a HUD either.

    Seeing how much players have been engaging with the deep weapon customisation, perfecting different setups based on their varying playstyle has been really satisfying. We’ve made some small tweaks to weapons, such as applying a slightly slower ‘Time to Aim’ for the rifles and reducing how easily the Kar98K can become a 1 hit killing machine.

    The Field Report that appears at the end of a mission has had a visual overhaul along with some under the hood improvements. We can’t wait to see more of you trying to reach the extreme points of the playstyle graph across various levels – so don’t forget to share your reports with our social channels. We’ve been in awe at just how good at stealth so many of you are.
    Beyond the above, we’ve also been listening to player feedback regarding controller dead zones which we know has been a hot topic since launch. With that in mind, we’ve made some improvements to smooth out the transition, whilst also looking into further support for future patches.

    Along with these changes there have been many other tweaks and additions, such as a FOV slider on PC, camera improvements, making the Teller Mine more likely to be triggered by passing vehicles, and various level and unlock fixes, to name but a few. For a more comprehensive list, see our full patch notes below.

    As a final note, we’re delighted to release a FREE Multiplayer map as part of this update, as a thank you for the Community’s ongoing patience since launch. The existing No-Cross map Urban Ruins is now playable at night in our Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Squad Match modes. Not only that, but we’ve added more cover to the central park and opened up areas of the map for varying angles of attack so you’ll need to explore and engage with your new vantage points.

    With that, please do keep your feedback coming in via our various Community spaces. We hope you continue to enjoy the game and, until next time, happy hunting!

    Ryan Baker, Lead Designer
    Sniper Elite 5 Development Team
    • Removed some input delay and softened the edges of the deadzone for 'aiming' input. This should result in better fine aiming control.
    • Various fixes to prevent the player falling or hanging through the floor, or getting stuck in the 'falling' animation
    • Fixed general collision issues allowing players to walk through some walls in varying locations
    • Various fixes to players getting stuck on ladders
    • Fixed an issue preventing camera control when a player enters Photo Mode with ironsights
    • The free cam has now been restricted slightly in Photo Mode, to avoid exploits during Axis Invasions
    • Fixed an issue incorrectly allowing weapon scroll when using a mounted machine gun
    • Med Kits will now work as expected on application
    • The Precision Machines Receiver attachment will now correctly reduce speed rather than increase it
    • The Austen Control Grip will now improve recoil recovery as expected
    • Jeff Sullivan’s equipment will now appear as expected when selecting him as a playable character
    • 'Show Off' and 'Saboteur' Medals should now unlock correctly
    • Machine Gunners will no longer T-pose when shot
    • Player can no longer equip weapons or binoculars when using a mounted machine gun
    • Dead enemies hidden in crates no longer continue to move
    • Player is no longer able to hide underwater in the Landing Zone Multiplayer map
    • Grenades will no longer get stuck to the player’s hand when attempting to throw them
    • Grenade arcs will no longer disappear unexpectedly
    • Fixed an issue impacting the ability to use the Grenade hotkey
    • Fixed an issue causing Herr Grunberg’s name to display incorrectly when looking at them through the binoculars
    • The overpressure magazine now correctly lists ‘Increase Bullet Drop’ as a con
    • Enemy AI will no longer disappear from the map when a cut scene gets triggered
    • Booby-trapped bodies will now explode as expected
    • Fixed an issue causing Flare Guns to slow down movement
    • Players will no longer be able to obtain the Authentic Trophy by exploiting the ability to change difficulties in the pause menu
    • Fixed an issue causing an inability to drop dead bodies on pick-up
    • Fixed an issue causing AI to get caught in a consistent investigation loop
    • Fruit boxes will no longer levitate or appear to multiply unexpectedly
    • Fixed an issue in Survival Mode causing the crew in armoured vehicles to remain alive after the vehicle’s destruction, halting progression onto the next wave.
    • Fixed an issue stopping the Satchel Charge from unlocking on completion of the campaign
    • Fixed an issue causing a game crash when already exiting
    • Fixed an issue some players were experiencing where Axis soldiers would get suck crouched in mid-air
    • Fixed an issue causing birds to get stuck in place
    • Fixed an issue causing wind to be disabled incorrectly in Campaign/Survival
    • The trigger volume for Mines has now been increased to ensure they activate in range, regardless of human or vehicle targets
    • Fixed an animation glitch causing an AI soldier to get off his bike after being shot, despite being dead
    • Fixed an issue causing headlights to turn on and off based on the player’s proximity
    • Microphone volume will no longer automatically return to 100% each time a player returns to game
    • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements


    Mission 1 - Atlantic Wall:
    • The enemy at the boathouse will now spawn correctly so players can retrieve the key and proceed to the next section of the map
    • Marcel’s key will now correctly unlock the floorboard after retrieving it from the building’s Attic
    • Fixed a bug causing the ending cut scene to play too early for some players
    • The Beach Defences collectible item will now appear correctly
    • The kill list target Steffen Beckendorf’s vehicle will no longer disappear


    Mission 2 - Occupied Residence

    • Fixed an issue causing the chandelier to activate twice if shot and then activated via the lever
    • Fixed a bug stopping some players from unlocking the Karabiner 98 after killing Freidrich with a chandelier


    Mission 4 - War Factory:
    • Fixed an issue halting progression after sabotaging the Smelting Vat by pulling the lever
    • Fixed an issue stopping some players from being able to sabotage the crane by pressing the switch
    • Players will now be able to exfiltrate Mission 4 as expected
    • Fixed an issue stopping players from being able to enter the building via the vent
    • Fixed an issue causing irregular movement when walking down the stairs in Mission 4
    • Fixed a bug stopping players from being able to enter via the roof hatch to obtain the collectible item
    • Fixed an issue causing the mission to end too early when entering the building near the kill list target


    Mission 5 - Festung Guernsey:
    • The objective to bury Lanzo Baumann in concrete will now complete as expected on completion
    • Specific to Xbox players, in Mission 5 players are now able to interact and destroy the radio with the crowbar as expected


    Mission 6 - Libération:
    • Fixed an issue causing some irregular movement of the kill list target Jaan Trautmann
    • The 222 tank will now spawn as expected


    Mission 7 - Secret Weapons:

    • Fixed an issue stopping the Kill List reward, the RSC1918, from unlocking after the V2 rocket has been dropped onto Dr Jungers.
    • Fixed an issue causing irregular movement on ladders in Mission 7 which sometimes resulted in players getting stuck
    • Fixed an issue causing a box to float


    Mission 8 - Rubble And Ruin:

    • Fixed an issue causing enemies to be appear invisible in the hangar


    Target Führer DLC - Wolf Mountain:

    • Fixed an issue impacting the ability to pick up a crowbar
    • Hitler will now acknowledge the player as expected during a gun fight
    • Specific to Xbox players, in Mission 10 the tower will fall as expected once the cables are sabotaged with the bolt cutters



    It's been great that so many people have been submitting their accessibility challenges with Sniper Elite 5 and we're thrilled to say that we have some new features to help! One of the most requested features, Aim Toggle, has now been added - and includes compatibility with PS5 Haptic Triggers. As well as this, and in the vein of motor accessibility, we have introduced a toggle for the Radial Menu and movement features to make it easier for you to navigate the world without held buttons.
    Our Field of View slider is available on PC and allows you to adjust the FoV between 60 and 120, which we hope will help those of you with motion sickness.

    As always, we want to make sure we're helping our players and removing unnecessary barriers - please continue to reach out through our Accessibility Discord channel, the Help Centre or via twitter.

    Cari Watterton, Senior Designer (Accessibility)


    • FoV Slider: Adjust the FoV between 60-120. Limited to PC only
    • Toggle Stealth Highlight: Remove the outline around the player when in stealth foliage. Found in the Difficulty Customisation setting "Greatly Reduced HUD"
    • Pan Map with Keyboard: Map can now be panned on Keyboard using the arrow keys
    • Auto Run: When enabled, press the traversal button to toggle auto run. Karl will run forwards and you can adjust direction and state (walk, crouch, prone, sprint)
    • Auto Traversal: When enabled, Karl will automatically traverse small obstacles when walking or sprinting
    • Auto Climb: When enabled, Karl will automatically climb in the direction you push
    • Toggle Aim: When enabled, aim can be toggled on and off using a press of the aim key*
    • Toggle Radial Menu: When enabled, the radial menu can be toggled on and off using a press of the inventory button

    *includes compatibility with Dual sense Haptic Triggers. Soft press brings you into over the shoulder, hard press to ironsights. Any press while in aim toggles you out, but you have the option to toggle aim type while aiming.

    7th June 2022
    Patch 1.03
    • Fixed several missing sounds - most notably the big guns in 'Atlantic Wall'
    • Fixed crash during checkpoint load
    • Fixed occasional crash that occurred when loading into an AMP maps
    • Fixed occasional crash that occurred on the Survival results screen
    • Fixed crash that occurred when shooting the Machine Gun Team 'Loader' then the 'Gunner' in quick succession (the patch fixed crash that occurred just from shooting the Loader before the Gunner)
  • What are the minimum requirements to play on PC?

    Minimum Specifications:

    OS: Windows 10 and above

    Processor: Intel CPU Core i3-8100 (or AMD equivalent)

    Memory: 8 GB RAM

    Graphics: DirectX12 capable GPU with 4 GB dedicated VRAM

    Storage: 85 GB


    Please note that Sniper Elite 5 requires Windows and will not function on unsupported operating systems. We do not support Mac Parallels.

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