• I've put in a support request but I haven't heard back yet. When will I hear?

    Thank you for submitting a request! We are a small team and are currently dealing with thousands of enquiries so please be patient! We will respond to your request as soon as we can.


    Tips for getting your issue resolved more quickly

    • Launch/sound/crash/missing content issues - check our I have a problem running my game or I am missing content article to try some self-help and ensure you have included all the right info
    • Bug reports - check our I want to report a bug article (Sniper Elite 5-specific reporting steps can be found here: I've found a bug. How should I report it?) to make sure you have included all the details we need. The more you can give the easier the issue is to fix!
    • Submit your request once! Multiple requests about the same issue cause extra admin!
    • Be nice! (This does not actually affect how quickly we will deal with your request but we really appreciate a friendly tone!)
  • I have a problem running my game or I am missing content

    We're sorry to hear you are having trouble!


    PC (Steam, Epic, GOG, Windows Store/Xbox App)

    Please check that your PC meets the game's minimum requirements. You can find them here on the Help Centre or on your platform's store page.

    If your PC does meet the requirements, please send us a DxDiag file. This will help us to establish what might be causing the problem and give us a good overview of your system.

    It is also worth running a file integrity check, and trying a re-installation. 

    If you are trying to run Sniper Elite 5 from the Windows Store and experiencing issues, please check our troubleshooting tips here.


    Console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch)

    Please make sure your system software is up to date. You can see if there are any available updates for your console on these pages:

    PlayStation: Go to Settings > System Software Update

    Xbox: Select Profile & System > Settings > System > Updates & Downloads

    Nintendo Switch: Go to System Settings > System > System Update

    It is also worth restarting your console. Please make sure it has been properly shut down and restarted, rather than a soft restart.

    If these do not work for you, please get in touch with us using the link at the bottom of this article. In your request, please let us know if you are seeing any error messages and send us screenshots or photos where relevant (these can absolutely be taken on your phone - just as long as we can see what is happening!).


    If you need support, please get in touch via our Contact Form.

  • I want to submit feedback or I have a suggestion

    Thank you for your interest in submitting feedback or suggestions to us! We welcome all comments!

    The easiest way to submit feedback is via our Contact Form. Please indicate on the form that you are providing feedback or suggestions and remember to specify what game you are referring to.

    It is also really useful when players share the reason for their thoughts: for example, 'This level is boring because...' or 'I like this because...'. This helps us to understand what a difference a change would make and why it is important.


    Please note that cannot provide any guarantee that your suggestions or feedback will be implemented but we do gratefully appreciate all that we receive.


  • I want to report a bug

    We're sorry to hear you have encountered a bug! Please report it to us through our Contact Form.

    Please remember to specify what game you are referring to and what platform you are using via the Contact Form. This makes our job much easier!


    Tips for great bug reporting:

    1. Include as much specific information as you can about the issue
    2. Include screenshots/photos/videos of what you're seeing - this is particularly helpful for console issues!
    3. If you know its affecting other players too, encourage them to report it too

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