• My game doesn't launch

    **Please note Sniper Elite VR is a virtual reality game and requires a virtual reality headset. It is not possible to play the game without one**


    'SteamVR Initialize Failure'


    If you see the above error, please make sure your VR headset is connected to your PC.

    If the issue persists, please try disconnecting the headset and restarting Steam.


    Other Launching Issues


    Please check your PC against the game's minimum requirements. These can be found here: What are the minimum requirements to play on PC?

    If your PC meets these requirements, please use the guidance in this article: I have a problem running my game or I am missing content.



    Please use the guidance in this article: I have a problem running my game or I am missing content.



  • How do I create a DxDiag.txt file?

    What is a DxDiag file?

    A DxDiag is a diagnostic file that helps us to determine what might be preventing your game from working as it should.

    It can tell us whether your PC meets a game's minimum requirements, if has the most up-to-date drivers installed, or if it has reported any errors related to the problem you are having.

    It contains no personal data other than the name of your PC, and we will delete it from our systems once your case is closed.


    How to I create a DxDiag?

    • Click the Start menu in Windows and in the 'Search Programs and Files' or 'Run' field search for 'dxdiag.exe' and run the program.


    Image shows screenshot of 'DirectX Diagnostic Tool' window with red arrow pointing to the 'Save All Information...' button


    • This will start the diagnostic tool and it will scan your PC. When it finishes click the button which says 'Save All Information...' and save the text file to a location on your desktop.
    • Attach the file when submitting a request in our contact form, or when replying to a support email.



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