• My game shows a 'Profile found to be corrupt' error

    Why has this error appeared?

    This error sometimes appears when save data gets older. There is no guarantee that your files can be recovered but the method below does work for some players.


    How do I clear the error and recover my saves?

    Please note the following steps are not guaranteed to recover your save files but they do help some players.

    1. Please open File Explorer and visit C:\Users\[your.name]\AppData\Local\SniperElite4\PC_ProfileSaves\[your profile number]\
    2. You should see a collection of .sav files in that folder. Please right-click on slot0.sav and select 'cut', then right-click on your desktop and select 'paste'.
    3. Please go back into the folder, right-click on the file called slot1.sav and select 'rename'. Call it slot0.sav and then try launching the game again.
    4. You may still see a 'Corrupted Checkpoint' message but you should be able to get past that by pressing Enter a couple of times.


    Having trouble or not seeing what you were expecting? Please let us know by submitting a request via our Contact Form or, if you have an existing case with us, by replying to your Support email. We'll do our best to help!

  • How do I create a DxDiag.txt file?

    What is a DxDiag file?

    A DxDiag is a diagnostic file that helps us to determine what might be preventing your game from working as it should.

    It can tell us whether your PC meets a game's minimum requirements, if has the most up-to-date drivers installed, or if it has reported any errors related to the problem you are having.

    It contains no personal data other than the name of your PC, and we will delete it from our systems once your case is closed.


    How to I create a DxDiag?

    • Click the Start menu in Windows and in the 'Search Programs and Files' or 'Run' field search for 'dxdiag.exe' and run the program.


    Image shows screenshot of 'DirectX Diagnostic Tool' window with red arrow pointing to the 'Save All Information...' button


    • This will start the diagnostic tool and it will scan your PC. When it finishes click the button which says 'Save All Information...' and save the text file to a location on your desktop.
    • Attach the file when submitting a request in our contact form, or when replying to a support email.



  • Some of the controls don't work, or I can't fire any weapons

    When you first start the Campaign in Sniper Elite 4, you start the first mission, San Celini, in a tutorial which will guide you through the basic controls with on-screen prompts.

    Your controls will be limited until you've completed this section, which gradually increases what you can do.


    The first step is to climb the pole up to the ledge where there is a soldier standing guard. When close enough you will get a prompt to perform a Melee Kill.




    After that, and once you have climbed onto the ledge, you will be prompted to use your binoculars to tag the crane and the two enemies. The prompts will tell you which buttons to use.


    Shoot the crane to drop the cannon on the two soldiers. Next follow the objective markers to clamber up to the start of the level. There will be one last prompt to open your map screen, and then you'll be let loose to sneak around to your heart's content!




    On subsequent playthroughs of this mission you will get the option to turn this tutorial mode off:



  • How do I change character skins in Campaign missions?

    Once you have completed a Campaign mission for the first time, you will have the option to use a different character skin on that mission in future.


    The option for this is at the bottom-right of the Loadout menu before you start a mission. The normal Player Loadout screen on the Main Menu doesn't have this option, as it is dependent on you having finished the mission at least once.




    Please note that not all the characters available in Multiplayer modes can be chosen for Campaign missions.

  • I'm having problems with sound

    Sometimes you might find that the audio in the game is distorted or choppy, or is completely absent, especially if you are using wireless headphones. Here are a few things to try.


    • In the game launcher's Options menu please try unchecking the box for Binaural Simulation and turning Audio Reverb Quality off. Then in the in-game Options go to Audio > Audio Configuration and choose Speakers. This should help with some poor performance.




    • Right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray (bottom-right of your desktop), click Open Sound Settings, and then select Sound Control Panel on the right-hand side. This should open a list of playback and recording devices. Before starting the game, please test your headset in this menu and make sure you can hear it (right-click the device and choose Test). Then run the game and see if the default device changes. Also please check the green bars to the right of the device to see if they are making sound (even if you can't hear it).


    • Try setting your sound card as the default device instead of speakers (which your headset is possibly being recognised as).


    • Finally if your headset has the option, please try using the gaming sound output instead of the chat output.



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