• ZA4 Patch Notes

    28th September 2021

    Bug fixes:

    • A fix for a progress block on Rotten Coast: Survive Hitler's Trap
    • A fix for a progress block on Dead Zeppelin - Heartbreaker objective
    • Enemies will now continue to spawn in the Night on the Town chapter
    • Players will now correctly receive the None More Hard achievement for completing every mission on Nightmare Mode
    • The FG 42 SMG Stat Card now reads correctly when upgraded
    • The M1 Garand can now be equipped without the characters hands clipping
    • The Trench gun weapon can no longer be observed on the floor when the 'Eggers Bomb Lance' is swapped with another secondary weapon throughout the game
    • 'Painted' skins for the 'M1911' Pistol now have the appropriate textures
    • Season 2 - Chapter 3 - EP03 - Zeppelin Bay 1 - Zombies are no longer blocked behind the organic pipes when the Characters throws zombies with Divine Blast.

    Added support for Season 3.3 content:

    • Desert Rat Shola Outfit (1x Outfit, 3x Hats)
    • Hermann Wolff Werner Outfit (1x Outfit, 2x Hats)
    • MAB 38 SMG Bundle (1x Weapon, 2x Charms & 2x Weapon skins)
    • Zombie Wrapped Weapon Skins (10x Weapon skins for original weapons)
    • Story Charm Pack (4x Charms)


    26th August 2021

    Hotfix - Xbox, Windows Store, Steam and Epic

    • A fix for a potential progress block on Deeper than Hell
    • A new icon will now appear when you have completed a Nightmare Mode mission, in order for players to track progress.


    6th August 2021

    Hotfix - PlayStation

    • Fixes to texture streaming across multiple levels
    • General bug fixing and improvements


    3rd August 2021

    Added support for Season 3 content:

    • Return to Hell (Campaign mission)
    • Left 4 Dead 2 Characters (Free DLC) (Not compatible with other in-game head gear)
    • Horror Headgear Pack (4x Hats)
    • Horror Charm Pack 2 (4x Charms)
    • Flare Gun Weapons Bundle (1x Weapon, 2x Charms & 2x Weapon skins)
    • Van Helsing Weapon Skins (10x Weapon skins for original weapons)
    • New Achievement/Trophy (Complete Return to Hell)


    8th July 2021

    Following your feedback on your experiences out there against the hordes, we’ve been hard at work trying to plug gaps in the barricades on the back end to make things more comfortable.


    Legacy Controls:

    • Removed an issue where scope was broken for some players, meaning re-scoping and stomping weren’t possible. Scope now works appropriately.

    Abaddon Asylum:

    • Supply crate remains in place after slayers exit safe room at beginning of mission.
    • Proximity fuse at Nissen Huts now appears appropriately for all players.
    • Gatehouse saferoom radio now plays music.
    • Voiceover of The Baron no longer blocked by overly fast zombie slaughter, removing soft lock.
    • Italian and Spanish subtitles for Bruno’s interaction with The Angel now match the voice over.
    • Angel’s subtitles now match voice over regarding the gate seal.
    • Eddie’s subtitles now match his voice over after destroying two seals.
    • Subtitles for The Angel informing players where the satchels are now present for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

    Terminal Error:

    • Survive The Ambush objective now completes for solo players after killing all ambushing enemies. All enemies now spawn appropriately so that progress is not blocked.

    Nightmare Mode, Mission 5:

    • Fog clears and progress is possible after leaving an officer alive in the Fuze Puzzle area.

    Windows Store:

    • FMV Cutscenes at the beginning of DLC missions now run as they should.

    Known Issues:

    • Nightmare Achievement – We are aware that some players are not able to unlock the Nightmare Achievement.
    • Missing Upgrade Kits – We are aware that some players are still experiencing missing upgrade kits and that this blocks the mastery of all weapons.

    Our team are looking into these issues as a priority and hope to have an update in the near future. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

    Happy slaying!


    22nd June 2021

    • In response to Community feedback, the Toggle To Aim option has now been added to the Accessibility settings screen
    • Dead Zeppelin – Players will no longer spawn inside each other when loading into Chapter 4 within a Cooperative Lobby.
    • Rotten Coast - Steam only - Achievement: "People don't change. We go round in circles" will now unlock.
    • Rotten Coast – Fix for players who were failing to earn the weapon upgrade kit on completing all four challenges in the map. This should now rectify the issues surrounding missing kits and the inability to master all weapons.
    • Death Canal - Drawbridge Siege - Boat will no longer be stuck in place after completing the siege during ‘Return to the Boat’ objective
    • Custom Character Voice - Barks/Grunt sounds added when selecting ‘Werner’ or ‘Marie’ voice on any character
    • Terminal Error - Various visual and gameplay improvements

    4th May 2021

    • Added support for Season 3 Content:
      Terminal Error (Campaign)
      Undercover Marie Outfit Pack (Character Skin & 2 x Hats)
      Zombie Headgear Pack (4 x Hats)
      M1934 Pistol Bundle (1 x Weapon, 2 Charms & 2 x Weapon skins)
      Elemental Weapon Skins (Weapon skins for original weapons)
      Zombie Charm Pack (4 Charms)
    • Free Horde Map – Frozen in Fear
    • Free Game Mode – Nightmare Mode (1-2 Players only, for experienced zombie hunters!)
    • 3 New Achievements (Complete Terminal Error, Frozen in Fear and Nightmare Mode)
    • New Feature – Voice selection for all playable characters. When selecting your character, you can now choose any voice, regardless of gender.
    • Quality of life improvements – re-balancing applied to Dead Ahead, Meat Locker, Zombie Zoo, Rotten Coast, All Roads Lead To Hell & Hell Base.
    • General bug fixes and improvements.


    14th April 2021

    PlayStation 5

    • The issue which caused FPS to unintentionally drop below the target frame rate on the PlayStation 5 has been resolved.


    8th April 2021

    Performance upgrades:

    PlayStation 5

    • 4K* @ 60Hz only
    • Reduced loading times

    *DRS enabled - The resolution of the image can drop below the target to ensure a smooth FPS.



    Series S

    • 1080p* @ 60Hz only
    • Reduced loading times

    Series X

    • Includes quality/performance toggle with the following settings:
      • Quality – 4k* @ 60Hz
      • Performance – 1080p @ 120Hz**
    • Reduced loading times

    *DRS enabled - The resolution of the image can drop below the target to ensure a smooth FPS.

    **Requires a 120Hz display with HDMI 2.1 support.



    • Cross-platform multiplayer added for Windows 10 Store with Steam and Epic
    • Balance changes have been applied to mission, Death Canal
    • New music, combat pieces and general gameplay pieces added across all platforms
    • Fixes applied to Damnation Valley to address issues raised with the The Fan Service Challenge and with characters getting stuck in the Scaffolding Area
    • In chapter 4 of Deeper than Hell, ‘Stop Schweiger Completing The Occult Engine’ objective will now update after killing all the zombies present in the area
    • In chapter 4 of Alpine Blitz, players can no longer get stuck inside carriages
    • Overly dark textures fixed in Blood Count and Damnation Valley


    23rd March 2021

    • Added China region to the matchmaking screen to improve online connectivity & stability for players in that region


    12th March 2021

    • Steam - resolved issue with Steam Cloud sync not functioning correctly.


    26th February 2021

    • Steam - resolved issue with achievement "People don't change. We go round in circles".


    3rd February 2021

    • Resolved issue with Platinum skin not unlocking with mastery of the Springfield


    22nd February 2021

    • Steam - resolved issue with DLC items not being available to purchase in-game.


    11th February 2021

    • Added support for DLC Season 2 Part 4


    • Reticle failing to appear when marking enemies using the brain buster ability with the Polizeipistole
    • Progress block on Hellbase when sabotaging the pressure valves
    • Frame drops when viewing certain weapon skins in the weapon setup screen


    25th January 2021


    • Fixed progression blocker during Chapter 2 of the Rotten Coast
    • Fixed missing textures for the harpoons on Death Canal


    19th January 2021

    • Added support for DLC Season 2 Part 3


    • Resolved Suicider explosion kills not registering on Molten Nightmare level. 
    • Resolved an issue that forced only quick cams on certain settings. 
    • Various small bug fixes and improvements.


    18th December 2020

    • Resolved progression blocker on Damnation Valley


    17th December 2020


    • No longer missing sound effects when using Boris Berserker
    • Reload sound no longer absent from the Sten MK2.
    • Resolved the Sten MK2 Mastery resetting when it shouldn’t
    • Enemies no longer disappear when using sticky grenades.
    • Equipping attachments to the Trench Gun no longer stops you from firing the weapon
    • Resolved crash when starting Damnation Valley (XB1 only)
    • Damnation Valley and Alpine Blitz no longer has missing audio in the cutscenes (PS4 only)


    8th December 2020

    • Crash fixes
    • General UI updates
    • Many quality of life fixes
    • Fixed DLC challenge on Terror Lab
    • Fixed Lee Enfield not counting Creeper kills correctly
    • New Achievements added


    4th September 2020

    • New Horde Map CAGED FEAR
    • New Weapon - CROSSBOW PISTOL
    • Support for new weekly events


    • Shotgun Pistol and Shotgun Mortar challenge not functioning correctly
    • Divine Burst item mods not activating correctly.


    4th August 2020

    • Added support for: Carbon Weapon Skins, Lone Wolf Jun Outfit, Crossbow Rifle Bundle, Flags Charms Weapons Pack
    • Added support for new weekly events


    •  Resolved an issue that would cause the heavy weapons to have different amounts of ammo after being dropped.
    • Resolved an issue that would occasionally make audio cut out.
    • Removed various progress blockers.
    • Resolved player randomly dying on Deeper than Hell mission.
    • Resolved the 'Let's get out of here' tank challenge not unlocking.

     Epic Specific


    • These will unlock retrospectively upon loading the game for the first time after the patch has been installed


    • These are viewable through the Epic overlay via the records page. Shift + F3 then click the achievements tab.
    • The top 2000 scores are recorded.



    23rd June 2020

    • Support for new DLC: Deeper Than Hell (Mission), French Resistance Fighter (Character), Zombie Paratrooper (character) Luger Pistol Bundle, Shotgun Pistol Bundle, Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
    • Support for new Weekly Events (including rewards).
    • Fix for the 'Hoarder' achievement not unlocking.
    • Keyboard bindings are no longer silently reset if you leave the configuration menu without assigning all the functions to a key.
    • Score display on HUD now updates in real-time even before the Multiplier has expired.
    • Fix for the 'kill 10 zombies with electric tripwire' sticker not unlocking
    • Various small bug fixes and improvements


    New brutal difficulty

    •  Available after completion of the main game. Changes compared to 'Hard' include:
    • Increased damage to the player
    • No automatic heal segment
    • Enemies are more accurate and have more health/armour
    • Enemies are more likely to resurrect (stomp on their heads to make them stay 'dead')
    • Friendly fire damage is increased
    • Greatly reduced HUD
    • Medkits are required to revive other players
    • Few items are dropped by enemies and found in crates

     Epic specific changes

    •  Players have experienced disconnections from network games. The specific error message was:  ‘You were signed out of Epic, online features are not available. Please sign back into Epic and restart the game.
    • Added support for Epic's social overlay, including the ability to invite friends via the Lobby.

     Stadia specific changes

    •  Fix for stuttering audio
    • Added the 'game exit' button on Stadia


    12th May 2020


    • Added new DLC: Blood Count(Mission), Renegade Officer (Character), Gas Mask Headgear Bundle, Mortar Shotgun Bundle, Bloodsoaked Weapon Skins.
    • New weekly events.


    • Black banners not disappearing after sniper focus.
    • Inability to speak to Bruno at the start of the game.
    • Various smaller bug fixes.


    10th March 2020

    All platforms

    •  Air Guitar emote will be awarded for completing the ‘Brain Harvest’ Weekly Event. (There is no need to complete the event a second time.)
    • Fixed an issue where XP was not showing correctly on the Results Screen (this was always calculating correctly under the hood, but in some cases too much was shown on the results screen)
    • Flamethrower kills now contribute correctly to the ‘Heavy Weapons’ Sticker.
    • Miscellaneous small bugfixes and improvements.

    Weapon balancing

    M30 Drilling and Trench Gun

    •  Less critical hit chance.
    • Slightly increased recoil and spread.


    •  A small overall damage buff.
    • Slightly increased bullet penetration.
    • Final damage upgrade improved slightly.


    •  A small overall damage buff.
    • Slightly increased chance to bullet penetration, critical hit and muzzle velocity.
    • Slightly reduced recoil and spread.


    13th February 2020 - Hotfix

    All platforms

    •  Fixed first 3 chapters of Meat Locker being automatically skipped.
    • Fixed incorrect text being shown on the upgrade requirement for the M1895 Repeater.
    • Fixed medikit and ammo not being given when stomping on the dead.
    • Fixed Elites requiring additional stomps in order to destroy.
    • Fixed the photo mode shortcut not working.
    • Fixed the double tap achievement not being triggered.


    •  Removed voice chat shortcuts.


    6th February 2020 - PC Hotfix

    Fixed instability issue with Vulkan when running low on VRAM


    4th February 2020 - Consoles

    General improvements

    • Performance optimizations
    • Network stability improvements
    • Gameplay balance adjustments
    • Input response improvements
    • General stability improvements


    • Fixed client’s pistol failing to reload after being downed in co-operative gameplay
    • During the train siege in Mission 1, fixed pistol shooting failing when player is downed
    • Fixed players failing to find other players when using quick match for weekly events when no lobbies are active.


    • Fixed players being unable to un-equip item modifiers
    • Fixed M1895 rifle & shotgun issue when weapon assist is active, causing auto-reloading and single bullet firing
  • Zombie Army 4 : Dead War FAQ

    What are the different versions?

    Deluxe Edition includes: Undead Airman Character Pack | Solid Gold Weapon Skins Pack | FG-24 Semi-automatic Rifle Weapon Bundle | Undercover Karl Character Outfit

    Super Deluxe Edition includes: Season Pass One

    Season Pass One includes all Season 1 DLC: 3 Additional Levels | 4 Character Packs | 9 Weapons Bundles | 5 Weapons Skin Packs | 4 Outfit Bundles


    What are your plans for DLC content release?

    The first two seasons of DLC are now complete and available, and we’re thrilled to be able to confirm that another season of new content for Zombie Army 4: Dead War is in production! Developed in collaboration with Flix Interactive, Season 3 is kicking off later this year on all platforms. As with previous seasons, it's set to feature a new campaign mission, new character outfits, weapons and more – including more free content!

    Check out the Zombie Army website for more news!

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