• EG2 Patch Notes

    13th April 2021

    Patch 1.2.0

    With this update we've improved overall game stability, improved detection of audio devices, addressed a number of issues which could cause progression to become blocked, and made it simpler to see which of your Criminal Networks have no Schemes running.

    We're continuing to listen to your feedback about balance and the desire for a swifter game pace, and are hard at work on further updates to these areas. Thanks to everyone who has got in touch, and thank you for your continued support of Evil Genius 2.

    • Crash fixes and stability improvements.
    • Audio device detection has been improved, and manual audio device selection has been added to the Launcher Options.
    • Radio Tower VFX has been disabled where a Scheme is running in the Region.
    • Narrative Characters can be successfully brainwashed if Objectives require them to be, even if the Lair is already at maximum minion capacity.
    • Trap effects no longer remain on minions or Agents indefinitely in unusual circumstances.
    • Stairs place on Gold tiles will be constructed correctly.
    • On the Crown Gold island Lair, the bridge from the Helipad is no longer autotagged for Distraction.
    • Improved gamepad support.
    • Various text and localisation improvements.
    • Tamara Krast can no longer be executed before the Task requires her to be in Max's campaign Objective, "Gold Fingers, And Toes, And...Well, Everything".
    • Narrative characters can no longer escape the Lair under unusual circumstances during Emma's Campaign Objective, "The Sound of Science".
    • Scientists consistently die after being Interrogated during Emma's campaign Objective, "The Sound of Science".
    Side Stories
    • Addressed issues where several Side Stories could be started without having the advanced minion types they required.
    • Loot items cannot be stolen by Rogues before their Side Stories are complete.
    • Side Story "Hail to the Chef" can now be completed correctly even if fewer than three Forces of Justice have at least one scouted Region.
    • Fugu Furakawa's Heat Reduction and Gold Schemes will no longer spawn multiple times simultaneously within a single Region.
    • Crime Lords will correctly become full Henchmen when their final Side Story Objective is completed, even if the reward has not yet been collected.
    • Arms Dealer Bodyguards have had their strength reduced during the "Up In Arms" Side Story.
    • Julius Bird can no longer be killed after Interrogation in "The Man With The Silver Gun" Side Story.
    • Completion rewards have been added to the "Poisin' Ivy" Side Story.
    Super Agents
    • John and Jane Steele can no longer be brainwashed.
    • Agent Steele will no longer arrive at the island dressed in scuba gear. Instead, one of a variety of John or Jane Steeles may arrive.
    • Carl Cafard can now be killed after being recruited as a Henchman when playing on Hard difficulty.
    • Trading cards have been added to the game! Get collecting minions.


    7th April 2021

    Hotfix 1.1.3

    It has been just over a week since Evil Genius 2 was released into the world, and what a week it has been! With this hotfix we've addressed several issues which could cause progress to become blocked, and have made Deception-focused playstyles more viable by significantly reducing Force of Justice Agents' chance of fighting back, which should result in fewer brutal murders of your humble Valets... provided you keep an eye on your Heat!

    Thank you all for your passionate feedback, and we'll continue listening as we address areas where balance and pace can be adjusted to reduce waiting times and further improve your World Domination experience in the weeks ahead.



    • Agents of "Average" quality and below will no longer fight back when being distracted and escorted out of the Lair. The chance for higher quality Agents to fight back has been reduced.
    • The Spotting Power bonus for minions on duty at Guard Posts has been improved.
    • Killing characters as soon as they disembark from the Cruise Ship will no longer prevent other characters from disembarking.

    Side Stories

    • Crime Lords dying outside of combat will no longer block progression.
    • Gas clouds of all types, including those seen in the Sword in the Stone Side story, will correctly disperse on completion of the Side Story.


    1st April 2021

    Hotfix 1.1.2

    • The Side Story "Meteor Not, Here I Come" can no longer be unlocked before completing the Tutorial, to prevent progression blocking


    30th March 2021

    Hotfix 1.1.1

    • Crash fixes and stability improvements
    • Dropped Lair Builder attachments no longer block navigation
    • Achievements for recruiting new minion types now unlock correctly
  • Evil Genius 2: World Domination FAQ



    Are you bringing it to consoles?

    We haven’t discounted anything yet, but at the moment we’re focusing on making the game great on PC.  


    Can I buy the soundtrack separately?

    We haven't announced any plans for the soundtrack just yet. In the meantime, you can get the soundtrack for the original Evil Genius for free, by signing up to our newsletter.


    What's new?

    Almost every aspect has been expanding and improved upon. We've introduced new evil geniuses, new minions, and new henchmen. We have a completely new line-up of super agents for you to keep at bay, new and improved traps to deploy, and lots of new furnishings, equipment and rooms to build in your evil lair. Follow our development blog for updates!


    What are the minimum and recommended requirements to play the game?

    Minimum Specifications

    OS: Windows 10

    CPU: Intel Core i3-8100

    RAM: 8GB

    Dedicated GPU: GeForce GT 1030 2GB, Radeon RX 550 2GB

    Recommended Specifications

    OS: Windows 10

    CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K, AMD Ryzen 5 1600

    RAM: 8 GB

    GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB, Radeon RX 5700 8GB


    Please note - Evil Genius 2 requires Windows 10 and will not function on unsupported operating systems.


    What languages is the game available in?

    English: audio, interface & subtitles

    French: interface & subtitles

    Italian: interface & subtitles

    German: interface & subtitles

    Spanish: interface & subtitles

    Brazilian Portuguese: interface & subtitles

    Russian: interface & subtitles

    Chinese (Simple and Traditional): interface & subtitles



    How long is the pre-order discount for?

    After launch there will be a limited time launch week discount until 6th April 2021, before returning to full RRP. Any additional Evil Genius 2 pre-order discount codes will also end on 6th April 2021.


    Can I still get the pre-order loot after the game launches?

    The pre-order bonus loot items are only available when pre-ordering Evil Genius 2 before 30th March 2021.


    I signed up to the newsletter, when will I receive my sign-up reward item?

    We’re sending out the sign-up reward as a Steam code via e-mail. This is a manual process so they will be sent out in 2 waves. You must sign up to the Evil Genius 2 mailing list before 6th April 2021 to be eligible.

    If you signed up to the Evil Genius 2 mailing list before launch then you will be e-mailed your code on launch day, 30th March 2021.

    If you signed up during launch week between 30th March - 6th April 2021, then your code will be e-mailed out on the 7th of April 2021. This is to allow all time zones to hit the 6th April deadline.

    Be sure to check your spam folder for the e-mail containing your unique sign up reward code.

    You must already own Evil Genius 2 on Steam to make use of your reward.


    Activating the game/redeeming sign-up reward with your Steam Key

    To activate keys on Steam:

    1. Launch the official Steam application and log into your Steam account.

    2. Click the Games Menu.

    3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam...

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process, using the Steam Key you will have received in your order confirmation email.


    Alternatively you can activate your key via your web browser here.

    Once you have completed activation for the sign-up reward, the item should be available in-game.



    I ordered the Collector’s Edition from the Rebellion.com store, when can I expect my stuff?

    Please note that items are being fulfilled by different suppliers and therefore items from the Collector’s Edition may arrive separately. Your Steam Key will be included in your order confirmation email. Your Maximillian Statue will begin dispatching in March from the UK (please allow extra time for international orders). Your physical magazine will be dispatched upon publication during launch week.


    I live in the EU, why am I being asked to pay an import fee for my Collector’s Edition Statue?
    Unfortunately, as a result of the UK leaving the European Union on the 1st of January 2021, goods arriving in the EU from the UK can now be subject to import fees and handling charges. You will be responsible for any additional taxes, duties and/or fees, as we are unable to control these charges.


    I’ve ordered clothing with my order too, what about that?

    Clothing items ordered from the Rebellion.com store are print on demand items, and will be produced and dispatched upon order receipt. Please note these may arrive separately to any products in the Collector’s Edition.


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