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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a season pass?

    A season pass gives you access to all current and upcoming content for a specific period - also known as a 'season'. For example, if you purchase a season pass for Season One of Zombie Army 4, you ...

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  • Can I get Season One for free?

    You have slayed your way to hell and back, countless undead minced in your wake. Here at Rebellion we'd be safe in the knowledge that if a zombie apocalypse were to break out, the community would b...

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  • Why have the Zombie Army weekly events stopped?

    In August of 2023, we made the decision to wind down the rotation of our weekly events, and make one of them permanent forever. After a poll, the community chose the Sniper Elite event. The event m...

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  • What is a Steam key and how do I download a game?

    What is a Steam key? A Steam key is a unique code that will allow you to download the game from the gaming platform Steam and then play it. You can download Steam here: https://store.steampowered.c...

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  • Where can I listen to the soundtrack?

    Thank you for your interest in listening to the Zombie Army 4 soundtrack!   You can find this soundtrack and many other well-loved Rebellion music on all good streaming services including Spotify!F...

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  • Is the game available in my language?

    The game is available in the following languages: Language Audio Interface Subtitles English ✓ ✓ ✓ French   ✓ ✓ Italian   ✓ ✓ German   ✓ ✓ Spanish   ✓ ✓ Brazilian Portuguese   ✓ ✓ ...

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Common Issues and Fixes

  • How do I create a DxDiag.txt file?

    What is a DxDiag file?A DxDiag is a diagnostic file that helps us to determine what might be preventing your game from working as it should.It can tell us whether your PC meets a game's minimum req...

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