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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is my DLC?

    Skins In the Character Select screen, the DLC skins can be found by repeatedly clicking the right arrow. Once you have passed through the base game characters, the DLC skins will appear. DLC skins ...

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  • Is the game available in my language?

    The game is available in the following languages:   Language Audio Interface Subtitles English ✓ ✓ ✓ French   ✓ ✓ Italian   ✓ ✓ German   ✓ ✓ Spanish - Spain   ✓ ✓ Brazilian Portugu...

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Common Issues and Fixes

  • How do I create a DxDiag.txt file?

    What is a DxDiag file?A DxDiag is a diagnostic file that helps us to determine what might be preventing your game from working as it should.It can tell us whether your PC meets a game's minimum req...

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  • How do I verify my game files on Steam?

    What does it mean to 'verify' my game files, and why should I do it? When you 'verify' your game files, Steam checks to make sure that the game has all the files that it needs, and replaces any tha...

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